Why do I need this course?

Perfect Projects is your excellent opportunity to build world-class project management skills. UNICOM and Pentacle the Virtual Business School are bringing you the best. The best tutors, thought leaders and practitioners. You’ll have access to the best virtual campus on QUBE.  Your learning experience on QUBE will exceed your expectations of a traditional ‘classroom’ environment. Additional features help you easily apply your learning.

The course starts on 23/04/2020

Programme Overview:

  • Delegates will be invited to complete a pre-course questionnaire relating to the projects they are currently working on. The course will help them deliver those projects.
  • A total of 8 x 90 minute sessions from 15:00 to 16:30 hrs, spread over 3 months.
  • The number delegates for each session will be 25 or less and will be further divided into groups of 5 for working between workshops under one tutor.
  • Each module of the course comprises presentations, interaction and application of learning.
  • Participants can bring their team as well as their manager into the virtual environment and have the added benefit of a separate “room” to keep their work confidential.
  • On completion delegates will attend a virtual Graduation to receive a Pentacle certificate.

The statistics are against you.

Most projects do not deliver exactly as envisioned:

  • About a quarter fail.
  • About half deliver a different scope.
  • Only about a quarter are toasted with champagne. They deserve the champagne because getting to success is the most painful journey. 

We know why.

We know how to avoid the traps. 

We know how to avoid the pain.

After the course you will too.

Who is the course for?

The course has a number of participant groups:

You (Primary participant/key learner)

You will be required to attend the learning events and participate in the learning and coaching groups (quints). A pre-course assessment quiz will be issued to determine your current project types.

Line management

The primary participant’s line management/sponsor will be involved in the process to ensure that what gets learnt gets applied.

Team participants

The primary participant’s core team and extended team will be involved in the process to ensure social learning and embedding of the new ways.

In the old world we could succeed by educating an individual.

In our complex, fast-changing, digital new world we educate the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

You will leave the course with:

Hard skills:

  • Business case/ benefits
  • Project typologies (open/closed, Internal[political]/external[contract], physical deliverables/software & behavioural change)
  • Methodologies and governance
  • Planning (especially of complex and ambiguous projects)
  • Coordination (of multiple activities and dispersed stakeholders)
  • Risk management (prelimination and control)

Soft Skills:

  • Leadership inside and outside the project/organisation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Dealing with difficult stakeholders
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Effective review
  • Learning application
  • Working with your sponsor

The Management Participant will leave the course with:

  • A clear understanding of what has been learnt by you
  • Steps on how to support implementation of what has been learnt

The Team Participant will leave the course with:

  • An understanding of what they need to do differently to support you
  • An overview of the tools, language and methods which are being used

Benefits of Attendance (Investment)

{ Value = BenefitCost}

What’s the difference between
Spending and Investment?

Investment is Spending where
you get your money back PLUS
an additional Return

Anticipate a fast payback for your investment.
This will happen in many ways
including -


  • Less time spent managing stakeholder issues
  • More productivity by focussing on the bit levers
    for success
  • Fixing risks and issues BEFORE they happen to
    avoid disruption
  • Effective communication where the correct
    actions are taken even if no orders are given
  • Less waste of project resources and team time
  • Less wasted time preparing urgent reports and
    updates for senior stakeholders


  • As you communicate and engage your team, as a whole you will
    become significantly more productive
  • The stakeholders will be satisfied both during and at
    the end of the project
  • Open up new opportunities for you in your organisation and career

About QUBE

World Class Teaching of World Class Content in World Class Facilities


Modules Date
Icebreaker Thursday 23rd April
Context and Purpose Thursday 30th April
Understanding Project Types to Launch the Project Thursday 7th May
Analysing, Building, Empowering and Motivating a Team Thursday 14th May
Managing Stakeholders Thursday 21st May
Managing Risk and Issues Thursday 28th May
Learning and Review Thursday 4th June
Review and Assessment Thursday 11th June
Learning Exhibition and Close Thursday 18th June

Delivery Partners


Professor Eddie Obeng

CEO, Pentacle The Virtual Business School
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